Thursday, August 12, 2010


Black and White Foot Stool (I was very impressed)
Side Table (was placed by my son in the middle of the family room) he was so proud of his work.  I left it there for a week but had to move it, I think it looks better as a side table than a coffee table!

Tray (given to me for Mother's day) I love showing off his work!!!
I love my teacup set which was given to me by  my beautiful friend Michele in Melbourne, in memory of her Mum (Aunty Babe)!

It is that time of the year where students of Year 10 need to choose subjects for Year 11.  My son is not quite sure what he would like to do, he loves woodwork (and I love receiving his gifts), but this subject does not help him getting into Uni        
 " Mum",  he said "what do you think I should do"?  Do you think I should do Carpentry or maybe I should go to Uni....? 
Whatever his decision (with a little help from his dad and I) I am sure he will do well! 

Have a lovely day! 
Mimi x


  1. Oh that is a tough decision! He does beautiful work! A-M xx

  2. Love your beautiful limoges teacups. Nicolex


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