Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Boy!

It's my big boy's 16th birthday today.   Sixteen years have just flown by!  Well today we are off to Queensland Transport, Alexander is going to sit his test for his "Learners Permit", he is nervous but is eager to learn to drive (a little scary).  After the test he would like to go to the movies to see :"The Other Guy"!   We are going to dinner tomorrow night as my poor husband is in Sydney all day, first time he has not seen his son on his Birthday.    Happy Birthday my darling Alexander!


  1. Happy Birthday to Alexander!!! I have a learner driver & I think that is the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced as a parent...Good luck!!!

  2. Happy birthday Alexander! My son is was 16 early this year, so we've had the fun of teaching him to drive all year. He's actually pretty good now, and can't wait to get his licence. Good luck, both to Alexander and to you for the driving lessons to come! K xx

  3. Oh Happy Birthday to your boy! Doesn't time fly. My big one is 13 next birthday, seems like yesterday we were going to Wiggles concerts. A-M xx


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