Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Party cont....

 Mia with her cousins and two of her close friends!

Sam the DJ

 Can't have a party without doing the "Macarena"

"The Limbo"

Do you like the Roses in the background with the Babies Breath?  I thought they were very 80's

Well the party was a huge success, Mia felt so much better,  when she woke on Saturday morning, she said " you are right Mum, I do feel better today"

Mia and her friends partied all afternoon and into the evening.  Sam, Mia's brother was the DJ (for part of the party) which was a lot of fun for the girls.   Alexander and his (friend helped with the party games.  Everyone was exhausted by the end (including me). 

Off to Mia's Swimming carnival today! 

Have a fun day!

Mimi xx


  1. Wow what a beautiful party! You styled it so wonderfully and it looks like they all had heaps of fun!!!

  2. Wow now that is Little Girl Heaven if ever I have seen it!

  3. I like the cake and decorations. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves. Glad Mia was better on the day!

  4. Looks like the party was a blast! Glad that everyone had fun. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

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