Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hanley House (My Mother-in-laws home)

 Court House

 Whalers Cottage

Motts House

We are off to "Port Fairy"  a gorgeous quaint town in Victoria for our Christmas Holidays.  We are packing up the car and driving down.  My big boys are not to happy about the road trip as we have done it soooo many times since they were little.  We have no real plans but we will stop on the way and just take our time.  Steve's Mum and brother  live in Port Fairy.  Ann has a beautiful old home with so much character and history I look forward to spending time there.  She used to run a Bed and Breakfast from her home but I think after about 10 years she said it was time to have the home just for her.   Ann has a huge Fig tree in her front garden and every year there is the "Port Fairy Folk Festival" where people come and sit under the tree and listen to live music.  Port Fairy has a great community spirit.  Maybe one day we will live there!

Mimi xx
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Sounds gorgeous, what beautiful homes to wander about, ahhhh, what a fantastic holiday you'll have. Love Posie

  2. Drive safe, I am sure your boys may contest a little now, but for sure these drives will become some of their best childhood memories when they grow up. Have a safe and happy Christmas.....sounds like a lovely place with lots of history.

  3. Mimi have a wonderful holiday!!

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  4. LOVE Port Fairy! That was one of our first holidays we had down in Victoria. We stayed in "Adeline Cottage", so quaint & cosy. Kids still remember that holiday & I remember how freezing the water was at the height of summer. Drive safe & have some crayfish for me :-)

  5. I lived in Port Fairy when I was little. I went to kindy and primary school, and 'think' we left when I was in Grade 2 or 3. LOVED IT. Great memories. Pea Soup Beach and all the little dirt roads. I'm sure it doesn't look the same now - but a great memory for me (-:

    Heh, your mum might know my mum. Freaky!!

  6. Why not drive onto Portland - where I'm from - gorgeous little town if not windy!


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