Sunday, January 30, 2011

My beautiful boys!

Photos from Courier Mail
My boys are somewhere there!

This week in Brisbane there was a "Queensland Ride for Relief".  My (our) beautiful boys said they would like to do this.  They donated $50.00 each to the relief.

The ride started at the RNA showgrounds at 10.00 a.m. and finished at 12noon.   I was at work wondering how they were going.  When I got home they had many a story to tell.  Sam was pushed onto a parked car by an adult who just wanted to get close to Lance Armstrong and my big boy Alexander was told to get to  the end of the line, this person said to him "you are not a VIP so get out of this area"  Alexander just stood his ground and said 'there is no VIP area and I am not moving".  I get so sick of some people who should no better always trying to push in  on children.  Have you noticed when you go shopping and a child may be standing at a bakery stall waiting to be served and an adult will just come in over the top of them and get served.  If I see it I will always say "no please serve the child as he/she was here first". 
Anyway getting back to the subject of donations, I am truly proud of my boys and what they did for the Flood relief appeal'.    You are my beautiful beautiful boys!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Mimi xxx

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  1. I can clearly remember as a child having an old nanna push in at the newsagent. I was gobsmacked to think an adult could do that to me. Wasn't I meant to have manners? What about her? I saw my big girl get ignored recently whilst trying to order a drink at Gloria Jean's. I'm going to have to teach her what to do next time ... at least she has the mouth to stand up for herself ;-) Hats off to your big boys for the bike ride!


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