Saturday, February 12, 2011

The perfect holiday!

I would like to share with you pictures of our lovely holiday we had in December/January.

Steve and I are originally from Melbourne and every year we venture down to for 2 weeks, but this year we decided to go for a lot longer and do a bit more than we usually do. We were originally going to drive but we were able to get cheap tickets with Qantas. We are thankful we chose to fly as we would have been cut off by floods everywhere.
I won't bore you with too much of the trip but I wanted to share with you our beautiful Daylesford experience. Over a year ago I came across this beautiful house called "Comma"  I have always wanted to visit Daylesford but have always run out of time. Not this time I got my wish, we stayed at Comma for 2 nights (I could live there). We did so much in two days; one of my special moments was visiting the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse. We paid $75.00 for the family to use the communal pool, we stayed for ages it was so calming. Of course my naughty boys went into the "Members only" part of the Bathhouse and had a fantastic time. We also went to this gorgeous town called Kyneton ....great food and gorgeous shops! If you ever visit Melbourne/Victoria do try and visit Daylesford and the surrounding towns, it will stay in my memories forever!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Mimi xx
P.S. I have not blogged for over a week as I have been working extremely hard.
Next week I am going to start studying Interior Decorating! I can't wait! Hopefully I will put it to good use.

COMMA- Pictures from Comma website

Lake Daylesford

Hepburn Springs Bathhouse


The boys with their Christmas Presents, Sam with his Ipod touch and Alexander with his iphone

At Comma there is quirkiness everywhere!


  1. Such a lovely area, isn't it. Never got to stay there but did a few day trips. Did you eat at Annie Smithers Bistrot in Kyneton? Mmm ... French food. Lavendula (the lavender farm) is also nice at Daylesford. Are your boys into cricket? The cricket willow place is nearby too. Could set you back a few $ for a custom made bat. Maybe the new technology was enough. Sounds like a great holiday.

  2. I could definetly live there,it looks beautiful..xx

  3. A most beautiful part of the world. I can't remember where we ate in Kyneton, Mia and Sam had the best ever Chocolate Brownies! Oh and Cricket Willow is fantastic, and even more extrordinary my Dad and Ian (who owns Cricket Willow) were in the same cricket club together. I had a wonderful chat with Ian.

  4. Oh how lovely... I could gush compliments about the whole place. I like quirky, and that you say it is everywhere really appeals. Going through and catching up on your last few posts now. HOW EXCITING studying design. Of course you'll be flat out and stressed, but so wonderful and easier you're clearly doing something you love. Congratulations on taking the big step to study again! x


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