Friday, June 3, 2011


At Design School we have been give four briefs we choose one of these briefs to create and design.  I chose to do a Penthouse.  What I have to design and decorate is a foyer, kitchen, lounge, dining room.  We have to be extremely creative and there in no budget.  I am creating a foyer where you walk on stone over water.  The lounge room has a fire pit and a semi curcular sunken lounge.  The kitchen has a rounded edge bench with I think Calcutta Marble splash back, I am not quite sure. 

I can't believe how much time it is taking to actually draw the plans.  We have to do the floor plan, electrical and ceiling drawings and next week we are learning to draw elevations.  It is overwhelming but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

The above samples I chose today is to create cushions for the sunken lounge and upholstery for the dining chairs.  I have gone way out of my comfort zone, but am trying to create a 60's style.  Has anyone seen the movie "The Party" starring Peter Sellers, alot of my ideas have come from that movie.  I just loved the movie, if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it, it is extremely funny.

I have not read many blogs this week as I really have been busy working and studying, I will catch up on the weekend.  I miss you!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. It's very time-consuming, isn't it? But lots of fun - if only all jobs had an unlimited budget! Enjoy your weekend, K xx

  2. Very nice!! I like that movie too. 'Birdy Num Num'...

  3. Hi Mimi I think it will be so fun to complete ( a lot of work I know) Love what you are doing though!

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  4. It sounds beautiful - would love to be able to see the finished rooms, if only there was some magic button that could create and bring your design to life :) Have a lovely weekend, Nicolex

    PS I have and LOVE The Party. Hilarious and great home!

  5. So much fun...I miss those days...enjoy! Sometimes things get a bit more complicated with real clients... he he...Have a great w/end :))

  6. Your penthouse design sounds amazing! I haven't seen the movie so I will check it out!
    Hope you get a bit of time to yourself soon!
    Happy weekend! X

  7. Sounds like you're so busy...
    but having so much fun...Enjoy ♥

    Love Peter Sellers, such a funny guy and that movie is cool too.

  8. These prints look lovely! I can't wait to see how your foyer would turn out. Have a beautiful start of the week, Kellie xx

  9. Good luck with the assignment . I know it is time consuming but it is also fun.

  10. All sounds very exciting, far too much hard work but well worth the effort for the fun you are having x

  11. Sounds spectacular Mimi, especially the no budget part...Have fun, you will have to show us more!!

  12. Hi Mimi, I'm enjoying all these wonderful photos {I wish
    we could visit that place in Africa!}. And I love your ideas for your school project. Fun!

    Warmly, Michelle


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