Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just loving these bright colours today!

I have had an extremely busy two weeks, I resigned one month ago from work and have been busy teaching a lovely young girl the ropes.  Last day tomorrow, I feel excited about leaving but a little apprehensive.  I chose to leave as I really would like to do something with Interiors and if I had not resigned I think I would of just kept on doing the same old thing for years.

My Sammy boy is away for nine days with school.  Our home is just not the same, I really miss his cuddles.   He phoned my husband on Monday, telling him his homesick.  When we were packing his bags last week, he said to me "Mum nine days is along time to be away from home".  Oh he is a gorgeous boy who just loves being home! 

Enjoy this lovely Wednesday!


  1. Hi mimi

    you will go so well in your new venture - think how wonderful it will be to concentrate fully on it and family.

    Lovely bright photos today too :)

    Ohh.... little one - my heart aches for that... I am such a soft attached mummy.

    have a lovely last 2 days at work


  2. Good on you Mimi for biting the bullet and taking the plunge for a career change. Look forward to hearing what you decide to do next.

    Nine days is a long time without cuddles from you little one. Boys are just the sweetest. Sandy x

  3. Hello Mimi, have popped over to look at your gorgeous blog and I love it already.
    Best wishes

  4. Well done on making such a huge decision! It's great when you can follow your heart & what you love can be turned into a profession.
    I think maybe you and your design partner should think about auditioning for the next series of The Block or The Renovators. I think tv would love you & D ... truly!

  5. I can't imagine how I'll cope when my babies go on school camps! I'm very excited for you about your career change. It would be so much fun to work with interiors. I love the first image, you couldn't help but have a wonderful day with that setting. Rachaelxx

  6. I love that first image... I want to BE there! My daughter just got back from camp so I know what you mean!!! X

  7. Love these colorful images...the first one if fabulous, and good for you for following your dream!!


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