Monday, May 16, 2011

The beautiful Adele

As I came downstairs this morning my son was watching the Brit Awards and this song was playing by an artist I have never heard of, I could not believe her voice, I went into the lounge room, sat down and asked Sam to rewind it (we have Foxtel, so you can do this) I could not believe the strength of this gorgeous womans' voice.  I actually sat and cried.  I now have bought her album.  Mia is learning to sing maybe one day she can sing as beautifully!
 I hope you enjoy Adele's song "Someone Like You" as much as I did.



  1. A stunning voice that's for sure and the lyrics ...amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Pam x

  2. So beautiful Mimi, thanks for sharing this. Nicolex

  3. Aww, great post. I love Adeles music.Her voice is soo cool. I like your blog, you have lot of good ideas. Following you now


  4. I am a big Adele fan too. Isn't she refreshingly normal? Great clip-thanks for sharing it!

    Best wishes and happy Wednesday!

  5. My goodness, I cried too! I'll have to check out her album. Thank you for following my new blog too! Rachaelxx


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