Sunday, May 22, 2011

Black and White

Black and white stripes for stylish impressions into the room Black and White Wallpapers for Stylish and Modern Room on March 08, 2011 @ 13:00

I came across this image whilst looking for inspiration for my interior design assignment.   I just love Black and White stripes and the wooden spools, desk, chair and bottle look fabulous.

I have been studying since 9.30 this morning and feeling a little brain dead.  I have soooo much homework to do and just not enough time.  My poor family are quite bored today,  I have not spent anytime with them.  Perhaps I will pack up and go to the park for a little play!  We could all do with some fresh air.

Enjoy the week ahead! 


  1. I would never think to do black and white stripes in a house but this looks really good. I think it's so modern and fun. Nice post

    Hope you get all your studying done and got some fresh air.

  2. I love the contrasts in this image as well as the geometry of the stripes. Good luck with your assignment, sounds like you are working very hard! Nicolex

  3. I love that image too! There is something about the classic combination of black and white that is totally fabulous! The desk and spools look wonderful in front of that wall paper! Hope you got out for a walk! The weather was not all that great! X


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