Friday, September 2, 2011

Beautiful Vines

I would love to be sitting under this Wisteria Tree enjoying afternoon Tea.


Another great spring smell is Jasmine.

We have planted Jasmine to trellis down the rock wall by our pool.  Hopefully next year when we move back to home there will be an abundance of beautiful smelling flowers.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Mimi

    gorgeous photos - I love ( really love) the jasmine trellis - My parents have a chinese jasmine - very hard to grow compared to the star jasmine - both divine scents but this chinese jasmine of theirs just blooms every year and wafts the sweetest scent.

    have a wonderful weekend

    and see you next week on your blog I hope :)


  2. Hi LouLou, Can't wait for all the jackarandahs to flower (don't know how to spell sorry). This is the best time of year.
    Sar x

  3. LOVE!! Only as a child prone to bee stings, wisteria was not my friend!! I just bought some Jasmine which my husband reminded me he is allergic too. Aren't we a great team??!! Love Posie

  4. What a shame it took me 3 years of dating & 14+ years of marriage to find out my husband was allergic to Jasmine??!! I'm all about detail & listening, clearly, tee hee, love Posie

  5. I love Jasmine, you'll be relishing your spring planting this time next year! Nicolex

  6. That wisteria is stunning - I must put one of those in my next house!


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