Sunday, October 2, 2011


Matchbox car


New Farm Park

You probably guessed from the last post, YES it is a car.  We were lucky enough to be given by Steve's mum her car, she lives in a beautiful country town (Port Fairy) and walks everywhere so she decided she no longer needs her car.  We offered to buy it from her but she just wanted to give it to Steve to pass on to Alexander.  We got it sent up on a truck, we re-registered it and had to get two new tyres.  Oh and insure it, now that is expensive.  

Steve parked the car in his car park in the city for a few days.  Alexander awoke on his birthday to a matchbox car, I had stuck the key to the back of it but he did not get it.  I said come on we need to get ready we are going into the city ( I was sooo excited),  we arrived at the car and said SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDER!  He could not believe it was for him.  He said I feel this is Surreal mum.

The boys, Mia and I  spent the afternoon at New Farm Park, that evening we had our family come for dinner which was a hoot.  We reminisced about the boys when they were little and how I would take them to New Farm Park after their sleeps to skim stones along the river (I miss those days).  That night Alexander came into our room when I was lying in bed and he said to me "thank you Mum" today was the best birthday I have had and I don't mean receiving a car I mean spending time with you at New Farm Park.

Sorry for going on but we all had a wonderful day!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. What a wonderful surprise for your big boy. That matchbox car with the key was such an inspired idea.

    He must be such a good boy. It makes me feel sentimental about my young children - they grow up so fast. xx

  2. What an awesome birthday surprise! How lucky to be able to give a car surprise like that! New Farm Park is theperfectplace to celebrate too! Have a great week! X

  3. Happy birthday to your boy. How exciting and wonderful day

  4. You must be so proud to have such a wonderful boy(sorry young man) I hope my boy turns out like him.
    Sar x

  5. I thought the present might involve a car!
    How exciting for your son.


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