Monday, November 7, 2011

A quite weekend!

My divine husband bought me these beautiful Lilies on Friday as well as some new Perfume and body lotion  (Armani Code)  I have been very spoilt.

I bought these Tea Light Glasses from Wheel and Barrow in James Street on the weekend.  They had a beautiful glow when I lit them.  They come in different colours but I had to buy this green-blue just to appease my blue-green fetish.

We had a really quite weekend, Steve and I had a little time to ourselves we went to James Street had a coffee, looked at some shops it was lovely to spend some time together even if it was for a short time.  What about you?

Today I am going to start writing out lists of what I need to do, I never right anything down, I think this is why I get distracted, not anymore - a new me!

Enjoy today!


  1. oh what lovely flowers......hope you had a wonderful weekend and i'm sure you deserved to be spoilt lisa xx

  2. Lovely flowers.
    I love Wheel and Barrow. I had a girl's lunch on Saturday and we ended up at Cru bar late in the afternoon. I stopped to look in the window of Wheel & Barrow as we arrived and my girlfriends dragged me away. I guess some people just don't get the attraction?
    Cheers Kylie

  3. I am a lover of lists, even if I don't get them all done I feel better having things written down. Your flowers are lively, glad you had such a relaxing weekend, Nicolex

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Love the lilies and the votives are stunning [am a blue-green girl from way back].

    As for your list writing - snap! - it's going to be a busy day in my home today.


  5. Mimi, love those candles, I can feel a trip to Wheel and Barrow coming on, Thanks for showing me. Have a beautiful day xx

  6. What a sweetie! the flowers are beautiful and I just love the tea light holders.


  7. Oh those tea lights are so cute, gorgeous colours.
    I am currently sitting here writing my shopping list. Husband will kill me if I forget his shavers again this week....;-)

  8. Gorgeous tea lights. My favourite colour! Oh the lists... I hear you. I am constantly writing and rewriting lists, bargaining with myself if I don't complete them. I have to have them though, or someone would be overlooked somewhere in my life, kids, customers, family.... lists are good!
    A-M xx

  9. I can't live without lists - otherwise my mind wanders. What's brilliant about blogging is that it inspires you to get on with things ! Must go - working on my kitchen !

  10. What a sweetheart!
    Love those tealight glasses too, gorgeous colour.

  11. Today I wrote my first list in goodness knows how long Mimi. Usually I keep it all in my head but have been distracted of late so writing down those 'to do' tasks does help.
    Isn't James St a bustling hive of activity these days.
    Annie xx

  12. Oh lists are cool...
    and I just love using my stationeries and memo pads. Oh I have lots!

    I love your tealight glasses,
    I am also into some green and blue phase lately.

  13. Hi miss Mimi

    trying to catch up on my special blog friends - been really busy of late.

    Hope you are well and I noted you are a white lilly lover as am I. Thankfully my husband never gets it wrong and buys me these. I love them. (I just hate pulling off the yellow bits when I need).

    take care lovely lady - so glad you and Steve got a few moments together (who can resist wheel and barrow :)

    (lists lists lists - love them - have them everywhere - I am a person that really needs them, I do tick them off as I go)

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  14. What a lovely husband...mine is pretty good on the flowers but I'll have to work on the perfume / gift thing!!!
    Melissah from Scrapbook


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