Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Noosa Tri

 The Team

 The family

 Can you see Steve?...  I tried to get as close as I could (without being in the water)

 If you look past the runner, Alex is on his bike!

 Sammy running!

Time for a coffee and a gorgeous slice with a Lemon Myrtle icing, Delicious!  I went back for another slice yesterday before we went home! 
Costa Noosa Cafe at Sunshine Beach.  

Wow what a weekend at Noosa.  I have never seen it sooo busy.  The atmosphere was electrifying.  The boys did really well they came 19th out of 90ish something  families, I am very proud of them.  It was a great bonding weekend for them.  The boys had a ball, Mia and I hardly saw them, they were getting freebies here there and everywhere.  Steve did come back on Saturday afternoon with a bag full of goodies (not free) but he and the boys were very excited with there Tri - purchases.
 They are already planning for next year!

Off to lunch today and the track!  

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!


  1. Mimi

    that is one the of most gorgeous posts I've read - like your other one last week telling me you were going to noosa and what it was for.

    It does sound like the best bonding time and for you and mia as well.

    have a great day at the track - the weather today has pulled out all special delights.

    I went past a few times yesterday and they were so busy getting everything ready it was all very exciting - the marquees are ready in their glory to have champagne corks popped everywhere.

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Our youngest had his first taste of the tri on Saturday when he competed in the Junior event. It was lots of fun and I really loved the supportive atmosphere.
    Unfortunately I had to head further down the coast on Sunday and couldn't watch the main events but like you, I'm hoping to be there next year.

    If you'd like to see my snaps from the day they're posted on the 29th.

    Have a fabulous Cup day, I'll be wrist deep in fondant preparing a rainbow layer cake for a special newly minted teen.


  3. That is so impressive, Mimi! Bravo your intrepid participants ☺. J x

  4. Congratulations to the boys in your family. Such a great thing to get involved with. x

  5. Mimi I'm so jealous...Noosa sounds great to me right now, the weather here in sydney is just crazy!
    What a delightful post, really enjoyed the pics, you have a beautiful family
    Claudia xo

  6. I can see him .. I can see him .. he's the big splash 4th from the left .. right???

    It must have made you so proud seeing them all do that. Gosh, I'm proud and I don't even know you all.

    (-: Linda

  7. What a great placing, top twenty! Sounds like a fantastic weekend. KP

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  9. It's awesome to be apart of it all, we usually go but not this year. If you can keep the kids into doing stuff like that, they will stay out of trouble!

    Sar x

  10. Wow! That is fantastic. No wonder you are one very proud mummy and wife. You have a family of atheletes.

    Kel x

    p.s. I miss Noosa x

  11. Congrats to the men in your life for coming 19th!! thats such a great start, especially with so many other families in the triathlon.

    That cake shop looks fantastic!




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