Monday, March 14, 2011


Images from Canadian House and Home

Children's desks! 
 Love the colour, its bright and makes me feel happy!

Happy Monday!

Mimi xx


  1. Hi mimi, isnt it amazing how colour can affect our moods? I hope that you find a lovely place to rent soon, it a shame you have to leave your own gorgeous home...
    Laura xx

  2. cute images, Have a great week mimi xx

  3. Great desks Mimi. I'm looking at the Garden Fairy's desk right now as we share our study with her and it just doesn't look that neat and tidy. lol.

    Deb xx

  4. Nice...
    fresh and tidy...
    very functional ♥

  5. Hi Mimi, you left a message on my blog about recently going back to work. Would you mind if I emailed you some questions about this for my story? If ok, please email me at and I'll send some through. You can stay completely anonymous. P.S. Your house looks very familiar?


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