Thursday, March 31, 2011


Image from Country Home

Don't you just love the simplicity of this gorgeous deck!

We moved homes on the weekend, boy oh boy that was certainly hard work.  I am still recovering.  I only got the computer and TV connected yesterday.  It has been quite nice not having Television.  I did miss my computer though. 
I have unpacked and set up home.  My children said to me "you have made a lovely home Mum,
 thank you".  It was so emotional for all of us, I am relieved that they feel happy!

Enjoy your weekend!
Mimi xx


  1. I'm glad your move went well Mimi (albeit exhausting) and how sweet are your kids to say that! Very thoughtful! I hope you continue to settle in nicely and enjoy your new spot! Jxx

  2. Good to hear you've already settled in already. I wish I could say the same for us :(
    We picked up the keys to our new rental at 9:30am on Monday, Mr B went to work while I cleaned the place, he came home at 3:30 and moved EVERYTHING by 9pm (him, my brother and I) - we are still recovering :( . We have only been living on our own for 3.5 years and couldnt believe how much stuff we had :( ... Mainly electrical stuff for the new house... but still... way too much :( Most of the stuff is still in boxes. Can't bring myself to start unpacking. Moving is so frustrating.

  3. It is hard work moving and I bet you are glad it is done. Enjoy your new home! ;-)

  4. Hi Mimi, I really look forward to seeing your new lovely home!! It must be a great relief to be unpacked and settled now!! Phew!
    Laura xxx

  5. Well, that was quick. I moved months ago and I still haven't unpacked everything (but that's partly because I know we need to move again later this year). Your childrens' praise is the best; you know you've done well. xo

  6. Hi Mimi, your children sound must be an amazing woman. Hope you can get some rest now :)) xo

  7. That deck is just amazing! And you kids are too sweet! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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