Monday, October 24, 2011

Camping cont....

So cute, this would do me!

Look what you can buy!  (this was not at the RNA showgrounds,) 

Camping saga continued...

All three men in my life and myself went to the Caravan and Camping Sale.  Phew it was overwhelming, I cannot believe how expensive caravans are and what they offer.  You can get LCD Tv's inside and out, washing machines, luxury bathrooms the list is endless....  I said to the boys "come on we are here to look at camper trailers".  We found them and they are expensive, they started from $9,000.00 to $24,000 (with all the bells and whistles) but of course only if you buy it TODAY!  Hubbie could not get away, we learnt quite a bit about camper trailers, he was impressed, "just think where we could go in one of these" he says!
 Well I think I would be happy with a tent!

Enjoy today!


  1. Mimi - I get your 'love' for campers. I've 3 boys under my roof too and although I would never actually camp in a tent (as my fear of spiders would never let me sleep in the woods), we are planning to get an old bus - not the big ones, more like the 20 seaters - and hubby is going to fit it out with beds, kitchen etc.

    We can't wait (well, we have to wait until we can buy an old do-er-up-er) and when we do, I will start a blog just on that.

    Have a great week (-:

  2. Hi Linda,

    I can't wait to see your bus converted, with your great taste it will look fantastic. Mimi xx

  3. Wow that first one is my style too, but probably just for an office space at the bottom of the garden vs 'real' camping.

    Captain V has a theory that you never buy a camper trailer new as there are so many people who do, take it camping once or twice and then sell it.

    Judging by the number for sale on people's front lawns and in the paper, methinks he may be onto something.

    Happy day!

  4. my hubby is so into camping too! he wants one of the camper trailers that can go off road on the beach etc, which means the more expensive trailers!! isnt it amazing how much money can be spent? I cant help comparing it all to say, a round the world trip ?!!
    which is probably why we dont have one yet!!! I know what i would rather do!!!
    hope you have a wonderful day!
    Laura xx

  5. Hi Mimi,

    Wow! those camper trailers are expensive. you would want to go camping every weekend to get your monies worth.
    That little caravan is more my style too. So cute.

    Kel x

  6. Hi Mimi

    how are you lovely one?

    Oh wouldn't any little or big girl be happy with the first one? that is so retro and cute. that takes me back to my caravaning days and the annexe as a little girl.

    I hope you get to Glamp one day - keep reminding your husband it is NOT camping it will be Glamping! :)

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  7. funny funny funny, we are looking at buying an old skool caravan at the moment {i've been scouting ebay} and we are going to do it up, used for camping/spare room/maybe a shop, i love camping and getting away, we are actually off to lakes entrance this coming weekend with friends, and yup we are tenting it hehehehe have a fab week lisa xx

  8. I bought my mum a beautiful book all on vintage and unusual caravans that featured Constance (above). I would love an old vintage/retro caravan to go around Australia when my husband and I ever get the chance.
    Cheers Kylie

  9. Love the retro caravan. Love the camper trailer as well, particularly the ones with all the bells & whistles. We hired one last time we went camping to test them out. Loved it. However, that was 2 years ago & we have gone camping since :( KP

  10. It's crazy how some people camp! I think they forgot the real reason and fun of camping!
    (I really love the first caravan).
    Sar x

  11. wow, that coach with the sports car underneath is amazing! Somehow I don't think that qualifies as "camping" haha.



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