Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sliding Doors...

Rocky Ledge Dining Room contemporary dining room
LDA Architecture - Image from Houzz

I love these doors leading into this beautiful Dining Room!  
What do you think?

Enjoy your day!


  1. me same....i love the way it blends with the floor and then the frame next to the doors brings it together.....very cool smooch lisa xx

  2. Hello Miss Mimi

    You have a divine picture there - I love the ability to separate a room in this open plan world we now have.

    It reminds me of my grandparents house. :)

    have a wonderful day

    x Loulou

  3. Seriously love them. Am taking a real shine to dark joinery. Loving black doors inside beautiful white homes. A-M xx

  4. Wow what a beautiful dining room - there is something about gorgeous doors that just make you want to enter a room!


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