Friday, November 25, 2011


Love this awning and the Front Door!

Hooray it is Friday!

A busy week has been had by all the family.  My boys have had exams all week, Mia had a Talent Quest she competed in.  I had an exam for Colour Psychology, I am crossing my fingers that I have passed and more to the point that my beautiful hardworking boys have passed.  It is the last day of school for the boys they are very excited (I don't know if I am).

It was our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday, we celebrated by going out to dinner with the boys and Mia, we had a lovely evening.

I have exciting news I have picked up some interior work, helping a friend decorate her formal lounge and dining room.  I helped pick paint colours for their exterior of their beautiful home.  They really new what they wanted they just needed reassurance.

My client (hehe) wants an awning on one of her windows, I sent her the above photos and more so she can choose a style.  She would like Black and White (love b & w awnings).  Which would you pick?  I like photo 1 and 4.

I will stop by your posts today and catch up on what my gorgeous. inspiring blog friends have been doing this week.

Take care


Happy weekend to you!


  1. Hi Mimi. That is one big week. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. Hope your boys (and you) pass with flying colours - and I hear you re: 'not sure I am' with school finishing. That will make for a very long summer break!!

    I like 2 + 4 for the awnings. Funny, coz I was just thinking of awnings this week. I coulnd't have solid black here - we just have too many big spiders that start with H (can't bring myself to say the actual name) so will have to settle with a paler colour (so I can spot & spray the nasty buggers).

    I bet your friend feels quite lucky to have you on board helping her. Have fun and let us all see when it's done.

    Have a great weekend!


    (oops, was that too long a comment?)

  2. What a big week... it's that time of the year isn't it! I like the last awning.... love black and white. Have a great day Mimi.
    A-M xx

  3. Sounds like it is going to be a happy Friday with exams over. All the awnings look wonderful. I like number 2 the best. KP

  4. Happy anniversary Mimi!!!

    I like awning number 2 but the first one is the cutest.


  5. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary + winning your first client! Both are definitely cause for celebration! I love the idea of awnings too - I'm really drawn to #2 + #4. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Hi mimi, congratulations on your anniversary, and your design work!! what a busy week you have had! I love awnings too, but it really depends on the style of the house... love all of your examples though!!
    Laura xxx

  7. Hello Mimi

    I missed you so much :)

    Happy Happy Anniversary - 20 years is phenomenal - so well done to you both.
    and - happy "start" to the holidays :) It will be a long summer I think :)

    love awnings - I particularly love deep navy awnings with crisp white over black ones but I do love the black too.

    think I prefer the 1st one and the 3rd one

    good luck with your "client"

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  8. the awning in the image is gorgeous Mimi...sounds like you are keeping busy, good luck with everything and happy anniversary for last wednesday xo

  9. They are all lovely but that second last one has got my mind ticking and I have saved it to the ideas file - so thank you and have a lovely weekend. Best of luck with exam results all round! ;-)

  10. Sounds like a busy week Mimi! Hope all those exams went well. I think I like the second pic the best but they are all fab! Have a great weekend!

    Abbey x

  11. Hi Mimi, Thanks for checking out my Blog, Hope dinner with the kids and husband was loads of fun ( Tell him I just love the Bag !!! especially the colour!!! ) Hope you have a great weekend, I like picture one with the door just stunning.


  12. HI Mimi, thanks for your lovely comment this morning. I tried to email you and to invite you to our Morning Tea on Thursday but it bounced. Please email me if you can.,

    I have no doubt that you will pass your colour tests. Awnings are so classy. I like the last one best too. x

  13. No two gets my vote, always had a soft spot for that style!

  14. I just LOVE number 1!

    A belated happy anniversary to you! and congrats on the new client ;-)


  15. They're all gorgeous Mimi... it was photo 4 that really caught my attention about two years ago and was the inspiration for the five black awnings on our house. Practical and stylish! gxo

  16. I'm sure you did fine. Your really bright.


  17. I helped pick paint colours for their exterior of their beautiful home. They really new what they wanted they just needed reassurance.


  18. I bet your friend feels quite lucky to have you on board helping her. Have fun and let us all see when it's done.

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