Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garden Gates

This is the front of our home

Gorgeous Gate!

Images - Veranda

We are about to put a gate on the front entrance and I am finding it sooo hard to choose the right type of gate.   We have a huge Sandstone Wall, with pickets (as you can see from the photo).  Any idea's on what we should do?
Mimi xx

Oh I do love Wednesday's as it is my day off from work! 
 Enjoy your Day!


  1. Your home is drop-dead gorgeous Mimi! And you know how partial I am to a sandstone wall or two. My sister is also shopping for a front gate for her Queenslander, and found lots of lovely examples around Ascot/Hamilton/Woolloowin. I'll try to get the deets for you. K xx

  2. Your house is gorgeous Mimi, I love those Qlders. What about a tall white picket gate with a rounded top with something cool in the middle, sorry not very articulate today :)
    Love the sandstone on your fence.

  3. Mimi I love your home. I haven't any suggestions for you but I suspect that you will make the right one by the looks of that fabulous home...


  4. Yes I must say you do indeed have a beautiful house. I guess it depends on if you want a bit more privacy or not. If so I think Janette's idea is great, and was going to say something similiar. x

  5. OMG, your house is gorgeous! The gate?... something timber and white... a statement piece. A-M xx

  6. I'm thinking look at your fret work and other elements of the front of your home if you want an iron gate. Otherwise, I'm with Janette a bit( hi Janette, I'm Helen!) with the white, picket gate idea... at least you'll have fun scouring google images for lovely front gates!!!

  7. LOVE your home! I'm with A-M, a white timber statement piece, perfect. Have a lovely weekend, Nicolex

  8. OMG you get to live there, it's beautiful. Um, gates, for the drive?? I'd dream of automatic, combination of luxe & lazy. Love Posie


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