Monday, October 18, 2010


My favourite!

Images - House Beautiful

When I was growing up I shared a bedroom with my sister; Oh I wish it had been like the black and white room (just gorgeous)!
Enjoy your Monday!
Mimi xx


  1. Oh I love matching twin beds. Even in our rental here, my boys beds match while they enjoy bunking in together. A-M xx

  2. I love these rooms, I am loving the blue and white I think.

  3. I love twin bed posts! You've chosen some beautiful rooms. Have been saving up pictures to do one myself so will have to link back to your blog when I do. Nicolex

  4. I am a matching lover. I bought a pair of timber and rattan beds circa 1910 french for $120!! on ebay. SOOO excited.

    I love the photos and the linens in your post. Beautiful.

    I really love your blog.

  5. Mimi - somehow I lost your blog on my bloglist the other day .. so BIG thanks for poppling back to mine. I will now be able to put you back in.

    Oh, and I shared a room with my sister too. We had so different 'ways' - her side was always a mess - and mine, well, not so. I do love the first image - but the last reminds me of our beds when we were small - so I would have to say the last is my favourite.

    The masking tape would still go down the middle though. Her side and mine. Oh the fun of being sisters (-:


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