Saturday, October 23, 2010


Image - Carr Design Group

I just had to share this picture with you, I saw it over at Louise's blog Table Tonic, the clean lines of this loft make such an impact and of course the colours Black and White which I just love.

I have a very busy day to day, my boys are playing Basketball at Ipswich, my daughter has Musical Theatre, I then have to tie die some singlets for her and my nieces as they are going to a Hippies Disco Party next weekend but the best thing of all, my online business is just buzzing with orders so I will be sending out lots of pj's.  I am sure you all have busy Saturdays.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

 Mimi xx


  1. Sounds fantastic Mimi.
    Love that image, oh, that is open plan living done in style!! We want something similar for our Queenslander style home. Planning now, yippee!!
    Enjoy your day. With my husband home, he's already done the produce market & taken 2 to Athletics. The other 2 in the middle (twins) are skipping this Athletics season for some quality time at home with Daddy & relaxing in the garden. How lucky are we all in this awesome country??!! Love Posie

  2. Sounds like a great day Mimi, good to see business is booming!!
    this picture is stunning, I can see why you love it!!

  3. Such a busy day for you Mimi! Hope you get to put your feet up at some point today :) Nicolex

  4. Sounds like you are a busy girl. Have fun.


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