Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Beautiful Jonquils!

As Easter is just around the corner, I thought I would share some images that I think are cute and gorgeous and I have included "How to Make Paper Egg Baskets". 
My daughter wants to make some baskets for her little buddies at school.

These pastel paper bags decorated with construction paper are a whimsical alternative to the traditional woven baskets.
Tools and Materials
Colored paper bags and construction paper (both available at craft stores)
Eyelet kit (available at sewing stores)
Utility knife
Flower and Leaf templates
Microhole punch (or awl)

2-foot length of 2-inch-wide wired ribbon

Paper Easter Baskets How-To

1. Fold down the top of each bag four times, creating a 1 1/2-inch-wide band.
2. Trace Flower and Leaf templates onto construction paper (or create your own shapes). Cut them out with a utility knife.
3. Using a microhole punch or an awl, pierce the center of each flower, the base of each leaf, and the front of the bag, or its band. Arrange flowers and leaves on the bag so that all the holes line up.
4. Push a metal eyelet through the holes from the outside of the bag in. Insert the eyelet post (included in the kit) into the back of the eyelet; hammer from the back of the eyelet until the eyelet flattens.
5. Punch holes at each end of the band, and fit with the eyelets. Thread the wired ribbon through the holes; knot to secure, and trim the ends

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  1. My daughter needs a 'mummy proof' Easter basket. I can't help it, I have a chocolate addiction. Those baskets are cute and easy to make, we'll enjoy making them!

  2. Great Idea. The Garden Fairy wanted to start making easter eggs and chocolates last Friday. Luckily she had a little friends birthday coming up, so we make chocolates for her.

    At five they just don't understand the concept of time or that Easter is still ages away. Afterall its been in the shops for weeks. lol.

    Anyway I will definitely be showing her the little baskets we can put some of her homemade choccies in them.

    Deb. x

  3. It is too scary to me that Easter is just around the corner! Where is this year going? Nicolex

  4. Oh Golly gosh..I havent even begun to think about Easter yet..I really should get cracking..but hopefully not any eggs ; )

  5. Hi Mimi, I love these ideas. I've done the chocolate bunnies before & I'm thinking of putting them on the table again this year.

    Warmly, Michelle


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